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N-SETS is the sole authorized distributor in Pakistan for Turkish ADO Group’s leading uPVC brand WINTECH. Established in 2015 as a Private Limited company, N-SETS has emerged as a prominent player in the country’s uPVC industry, holding a robust 70% market share and overcoming challenges in the economic landscape. N-SETS is duty registered with SECP, PEC, FBR, ICCI, PSW & other relevant Government & Semi-Government regulatory authorities. N-SETS is a trusted supplier of over 300 uPVC Sub-Dealers, 180 Architects, 50 real estate developers and numerous construction companies. Spread all across Pakistan.N-SETS’ strategic supply chain network features our Head Office in Rawat Industrial Estate, Islamabad and strategically positioned warehouses in major cities across the country. This distribution eco-system is designed to facilitate efficient distribution, ensure timely deliveries, and provide optimal support to our valued clients across the country.

CEO Message

             The word NSETS reflects the very genesis of our Company and represents both the        reason of its formation as well as the keystone for its sustainability and swi transformation to a leading engineering and security services company in our domain of expertise. We have been able to grow both in terms of the portfolio and markets by exploring new horizons as Team NSETS is an aggregate of the management team that shares the same passion. This the power of the people has been driving our Company’s evolution and growth. A steady flow of orders from NSETS customers is a very encouraging sign and a true reflection of their trust and confidence in management’s rich heritage and diversified experience. This recognition is inevitably based on NSETS persistent track record in delivering successful projects year a er year. Looking forward, we renew our pledge, Insha-Allah, to remain committed to excellence, keep abreast of innovations, adopt advanced project management and Engineering techniques and continue with focused diversification and investment in Pakistan. We will continue our tireless pursuit of innovation and global excellence. I thank all members of NSETS for their contribution and dedication and our valued customers and shareholders for their continued trust and confidence.

Outstanding success in wind, rain, weather, usability, durability, trust and thermal insulation tests

Excellent strength and zero resistance loss at corners with Wintech technology

Maximum isolation by large chambers with static air tanks, stagnant air ducts between the case and the wing.

Maximum comfort in the interior thanks to three and five chamber profiles, effective sealing system in frame-wing combination and stable air channels throughout the joinery.

WINTECH QUALITY ____________


Thanks to its practicality, we have eliminated long and challenging processes with many machines and created a more efficient working process.

No support sheet cutting is required in the areas coming to the window handle section of the support sheet system. Easy to cut, easy to apply

We became environmentally friendly thanks to the profile production, which is 100% recyclable.

Thanks to its practicality and easy applicability, it is no longer necessary to spend hours for window manufacturing.


We offer a comprehensive range of engineering services, including design, consulting, and project management across various industries.

As a General Order Supplier, we facilitate seamless importing and exporting of goods, ensuring compliance with international standards and ethical business practices.

Our uPVC solutions are distinguished by their quality, durability, and energy efficiency. We offer a variety of customizable options to suit your specific needs.

Our expertise in architectural glazing spans a wide range, including curtain walls, glass facades, and other customized solutions to enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of buildings.

We have successfully executed numerous stained glass projects for residential, commercial, and institutional clients. Each project is unique and tailored to our client’s vision.

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